I'm not strong enough. I tested myself in a pretty hardcore way last night, and I'm just not strong enough. I made a lot of observations though. It seems most people can't fight and talk at the same time, I guess because they're not used to multitasking in such a way. When I was a child I had to do an impossible amount of things at the same time. But physically, I'm just not tough enough. I held back a lot, I wanted to beat him one on one, in melee, without using my ability too much. Physically I could match his blows in strength, but he was a lot faster than me and I had to rely on my brain to land hits.

In the end he just turned out to be far more skilled, physically. I have to find him, if I find him, he'll be able to train me, I don't care if I have to pay, I need to know what he knows. It's one thing to be able to wipe the floor with a group of thugs by the wave of your hand, it's another to be able to do it up close and personal.

I'm not ready yet, but I'm getting there.


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