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Weather Manipulation
I've been thinking of these people lately, the ones who say I don't know what I'm doing, the ones who make assumptions about the way I think. You know, my mother would kill me if I didn't say whom. But those people don't understand. I wish I could tell them that I'm always worrying, that telling me not to worry doesn't help at all, that telling me to suck up the state of the world and do something productive with the feeling doesn't motivate me. No, I take it back, it does motivate me, just not in the way that it does them. So many people I know, they swallow their souls and fight the long depressing uphill battle, trying to do god knows what. Does anyone honestly think that taking out a monster of the week is gonna do anything about the Big Bad?

That's what these people are, these people that my friends fight. They fight monsters of the week, monsters that'll be replaced within days. The Big Bad is the climate of society. The climate has to shift in order to stop the flow of these monsters. You have to cut the head off the Big Bad, shift the winds of the climate, and suddenly you get one step closer to peace. A climate shift doesn't come with posters, it doesn't come with slogans and campaigns, not with raids and protests. A climate shift changes with who's afraid of what at the time. Depending on the social group and what they're currently afraid of, society suddenly changes.

Let's use cats and mice as an example. Cats chase, eat, play with and just generally make a mouse's life as terrible as possible. But then a super mouse comes, rips that cat a new litter hole, and the next thing you know, cats grow a bit wary of all mice. But gradually the cats forget while they were afraid, and in this time of fear they had a chance to work with and get to know the mice, however uneasy this temporary peace was. In the end, they never go back to fighting each other. Whatever treaties they may have had before are no longer needed, because they've become a unified society.

It's all mostly just thoughts from me. I think if most groups spent more time trying to shift society instead of arguing in courts and committing acts of terrorism, they'd get somewhere. If they started popping the pimples from society, the rest of the pimples  will start getting the hint.

Only time will tell. I can't be the only person who doesn't see the world through some strange colored glasses.


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