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Selfish Adventures
I work on a costume very often, it's one I've never shown anyone, one I keep upgrading for reasons I'm not even sure of. I've never worn it, people would think I was insane if I went out in a costume and a mask. But I think about it, I think about putting on a mask, wearing a costume, busting into a window and punching guys in the face. I think about the impracticality of it, the consequences, and then I think about my normal life, a normal life I don't even mind really. I enjoy my life, I just get bored sometimes.

Other days I think "Why not?", I think "Why can't I do this? I have an ability, I have resources, I have skills." I don't know, I don't know who I'd be helping to just go out and kick someone in the face, I don't know if I'd really be making a difference slamming muggers against a wall every night. I'd get caught eventually, I'd get thrown in jail, or worse. I'd disappoint a lot of people, risking the opportunities I've been given in life just so I can chase a fantasy. But then I think... why is my life so ruled by what everyone else thinks? Why should I care if anyone approves? Put the fear of God into the city, knowing I could be knocking down the door to kick some guy's eye out. Knowing that there's criminals out there pissing their pants, afraid to go out and commit a crime because I've become an urban legend, like Batman. A symbol to give some people hope, a symbol to give some people fear.

I always remember, my reason for not doing it is because I'm worried about what everyone would think, knowing it's stupid, knowing they wouldn't approve.

And then I think, "Who gives a shit?"


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