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Capes: To Be or Not To Be?
I'm staring at capes, a few scarfs and an ascot. I designed a lot of stuff, tried a lot, but I don't think it's working very well. I can //make// a cape work, but it's a bit more trouble than it's worth. Ascots are uncomfortable, and a scarf is probably gonna get me killed. I mean, I don't plan to go out and //do// something, I'm just having fun with making a costume. I wonder what kind of cape Batman is wearing that he can just go in and kick ass without getting killed? Must be all the training, like, cape training or something.

There has to be some sort of material that just makes a cape //work//, but maybe capes just aren't meant to be. Who needs a cape anyway? If you're a modern hero, it's all about costume style. When people see you, they think "I'm about to get broken." If I were going out, hypothetically, I guess I could just make sure I'm using the right colors, so then they'd think "We're getting broken by a superhero."

Besides, I doubt people would take a guy seriously who's wearing a cape, unless it was just the most badass cape they ever saw.


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