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Protagonists: S4EP14
I watched the latest episode of Protagonists, the season finale. Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn't seen it.

Patrick Pisani's brother, Norman Pisani, finally brought them back from the alternate dimension where Abel Garland had taken over the world and created some sort of unsettling peace, which involved the oppression of humans. It reminded me a little of House of M, except in this world, the People with Metahuman Traits, IE: The PMTs also had a minor bit of oppression opposed on them. I mean the whole world was computerized, use of Metahuman Traits were monitored, so I believe Abel Garland truly didn't trust anyone. This was just a straight world domination tactic.

I was surprised by Norman Pisani breaking his usually selfish character and pulling a completely altruistic move like throwing himself into the dimensional vortex, altering reality in such a way that he gives up his Megahuman Traits //and// his valued position as the Vice President to shift the world back to normal. I'm not sure why he had to sacrifice so much, but maybe deep down he just realized he was hurting everyone, maybe he //didn't// have to sacrifice himself. For once he thought about his own kind and the oppression they were going through. I mean he did orchestrate the PMT version of the secret police, planting government agents into organizations.

This really did rip off House of M a lot, though. Protagonists writers, you guys need more original ideas. Rumors on message boards suggest the next season might actually copy the decimation a bit, but I doubt it, that'd be //too// blatant.

And how hot is Ali Larter in her new role as Macy?


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